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Are you looking to grow your web3 start-up?

Welcome to Web3's first marketing accelerator.

We are web3’s first marketing accelerator with a mission to support early-stage startups in the industry.

Our vision is to become the go-to partner for web3 start-ups in their early stages. We want to help them build a strong foundation for their business and set them up for success. We are committed to helping our partners succeed, and we strive to provide the best possible solutions to support them.

Our team is unique with a global presence, consisting of alums from some of the biggest names in Web2 and Web3, including Cointelegraph, Coinswitch, and Vacasa. With an overall marketing experience of 15+ years, we have built marketing operations that have successfully scaled up to 1 million+ users.


How is our accelerator structured?

The duration of the accelerator program is roughly 6-8 weeks, with 2 additional months of ongoing support.

Our cohorts would include a maximum of 5 selected startups that are vetted by our team of experts.

Start-ups must be in their pre-seed, seed or Series A stages of funding to be eligible for participation.

We walk you through building a marketing strategy, top to bottom, including but not limited to: research, market analysis, operations, channel development, etc…

The program includes scheduled consultation sessions per week, with the ability to reach out anytime through designated communication channels.

2-3 Advisor sessions per start-up may be provided dependent on advisor availability.

Start-ups must be in their pre-seed, seed or Series A stages of funding to be eligible for participation.


What does the program consist of?

Following are the 6 modules comprising our accelerator program:

We start off by completing a comprehensive review: We dive deep into data points both on the specific niche that the start-up is building in and the start-up itself to create a comprehensive layout for market analytics and audits for the start-up in its current strategy and operations. This would include items such as market research (leveraging both marketing data and on-chain data to build a holistic view of the market), and defining user data to segment specific target groups that are most relevant to the start-up’s business model along with competitive analysis to structure a clear market position for the organization.
Our next objective would be to develop a strong brand identity with the start-up. Our goal is to leverage the data points we got from module 1 to build an extensive structure for their brands, understanding what a more robust brand positioning in their specific niches will look like, both from a design and messaging angle, this would entail building individual brand guides, content, and messaging layouts that would then inform what the brand storytelling and narrative would look like, making it unique enough for an eventual community to get behind.
The objective over here would be to build out a comprehensive strategy for the start-up to implement and build a solid layout for marketing and its operations. It would include a holistic cross-channel marketing plan, with structured frameworks built out from module 2, a detailed roadmap of building out key verticals that would then build the bases to hire an eventual marketing team and help scale operations.

Based on our layouts from modules 1-3, the objective is to build out a segmented user acquisition strategy:

For more retail-oriented organizations, this would include building a cross-channel lifecycle structure that ensures both user growth and retention (especially considering a lot of retail web3 companies are prone to temporary spikes in user growth and then stagnate or regress) and building out structures that can allow the start-up to implement targeted strategies to drive user growth both through geographic targeting (leveraging our existing knowledge base of different geographics) and highly specific demographic targeting (based on our existing personalized and neurological user models).

For more institutional and b2b organizations, we leverage our vast network of industry connections to build a core base of partnerships and relationships that can be leveraged by them in addition to an in-depth understanding of positioning multiple companies as thought leaders and experts in their own niches, we build the initial building blocks that these type of start-ups critically need.

Our objective here is to build an imperative piece of every web3 organization, a strong content delivery mechanism along with an active and supportive community behind their brands. We work with our startups here and leverage our content and community-building models to not only build the basics however understand which methodology has delivered consistent results, both to us and others.

This module also includes modeling out an extensive layout, based on modules 1-4, on how each channel and each piece of the marketing function is going to tie together to deliver on each of these pieces.

Our objective with the final module is to educate our start-ups on how to leverage our predictive models (based both upon experience and research) in determining what sustainable growth and scaling would include. This is a module we ideally continue to provide support on even after the conclusion of the program since it takes constant feedback and analysis to ensure our start-ups don’t waiver of the roadmap set out for them. We also provide additional material that is leveraged for self-analysis and KPI tracking to stay within the same guidelines they built out at the beginning of the program.


Join us in our mission to help web3 grow

A Decentralized Marketing Team.

We invite collaborators to partner with us to help their portfolio of start-ups and projects with building out solid and scalable marketing operations. With our experience and expertise, we are confident that we can help our partners achieve success and be able to scale them, effectively and efficiently.

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